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Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
DeFi and NFT are the two evergreen products of the cryptocurrency space. Couple the latter with gaming and we have increased consistent value for the ecosystem. Meanwhile, DAOs continue to be extremely experimental and creating them by force is leading to snake oil merchants, as the community calls them. I will not deny that there are DAOs out there doing meaningful things, for example, Vita DAO, Lab DAO and others in the decentralized science space. However, it must be noted that these have grown organically by the community - not by chains. I’m a little on the fence regarding wallets - on one hand I see how a native wallet built from the ground up with staking yields like Luna can do, but on the other hand I see how difficult it is to compete with Metamask. Overall, I would say I am leaning towards building one that focuses more towards non-DeFi use cases, for example, P2P transfer or business usage.t
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