DeFi (100K total users)
Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
OpenSea has been Ethereum no1 gas guzzler for the few past months (based on Etherscan). Web3 main activities (people who are willing to pay) have been around NFTs. Top 20 OpenSea collections are where NFT collectors focus on. 50% of the top 20 NFTs are related to games and metaverse (e.g., Yuga Labs Otherside, Nike RTFKT OnCyber). 1-2 DeFi exchanges per chain may be enough. Games are important but game tokenomics and NFTs may be more important. Game Shard can be its own branded chain but it needs a NFT marketplace (with collateral lending) to support web3 game activities.
DAO (10k)
Games (1M)
NFT (500K)
Wallets (50M)