DeFi (100K total users)
Among the overlapping but distinctive themes of blockchain products, how to split our focus while going deep?
DAO’s are experimental and we should “wait and see” for a DAO that is actually profitable and works before going all in on them. The main issue is the infrastructure is not there. I would scale back all new DAO efforts by 80% and focus only on tooling, entering the market when it has proven itself to work and supporting the initiative by building tools for it to work... Current DAOs can be supported as a control for testing the viability of DAOs moving forward. DeFi should continue to be supported, but I believe Games and NFTs will show more explosive growth... The real 100x to me is having a Wallet solution that address the elephant in the room: Normies... nobody has cracked the code for a great Normie Wallet experience, 1Wallet could be the biggest thing that has ever happened to Harmony. Additionally, our new partners (XX) have said the main selling point for building on Harmony was our Wallet as has the potential for their audiences to have great experiences even if they are not crypto native.
DAO (10k)
Games (1M)
NFT (500K)
Wallets (50M)