Executives ($1M annual compensation)
Devs ($500K)
If we are to hire 20 more full-time permanent core team, how to split among the positions?
I think what we need in order to scale properly is better marketing, internal communications, and products. We have the creative team ready to create quality content, however we need a marketing plan with strong direction. Furthermore, this marketer needs to be experienced with ad space, SEO, IRL events, etc. An internal communications manager would be extremely effective by keeping every department on the same page, thus keeping our initiatives and branding consistent. Additionally, I think we need a well rounded and experienced head hunter, who will be focused on meeting the right projects at conferences, closes deals, and can follow up with projects. With a few hires of the right people, I think we can be in great shape to finish the year strong.
Marketing ($200k)
Partnership ($400K)
Products ($300K)