Executives ($1M annual compensation)
Devs ($500K)
If we are to hire 20 more full-time permanent core team, how to split among the positions?
I keep hearing from the team that our technology is the greatest on earth... If so, the world needs to hear that same message. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Sure we can build more tech for tech’s sake but at the end of the day if nobody knows who we are it will be for nothing. Our marketing strategy starts with communications. A communications manager needs to be hired to allow other people down the pipeline to be super effective. Next is an overhaul of our website and retail facing messaging (no more public facing Notion, replace with solid website and packaged message). Next up, a marketing manager that can help plan our roadmap and release strategy. Lastly is the execution of the marketing materials by the content team, the social media team, the website team, etc...
Marketing ($200k)
Partnership ($400K)
Products ($300K)