Social Media ($10M annual for engaging 1M)
Hackathons ($5M for 10K)
Own Events ($4M for 10K)
Scholars ($5M for 5K)
Sponsorship ($1M for 50K)
To reach the next million users, how to split among the distribution channels?
I have to agree with Adrian, that Social media influence is imperative for us to incite more user engagement. (My only concern is that this category is somewhat vague) Like Brian asked: “what does the category “social media” entail? Is this influencers? Content?” I will agree with Brian that Products, Purpose, and PR (strong marketing) are the three pillars which would drive engagement. Proper marketing is essential, with a strong team & tech to back it up. However, I don’t think that social media alone will get us to the level of engagement we are looking for: This requires building, hackathons, and our own events in conjunction with sponsoring larger events & conferences. These in-person events, hackathons & conferences are where the magic happens, where people fall in love with our community and want to get engaged! My opinion: we need a healthy balance of these categories, but some will bring us to greater engagement than others.