Social Media ($10M annual for engaging 1M)
Hackathons ($5M for 10K)
Own Events ($4M for 10K)
Scholars ($5M for 5K)
Sponsorship ($1M for 50K)
To reach the next million users, how to split among the distribution channels?
Hackathons are a great way to attract existing builders and building meaningful products, while the scholarship program is effective to bring in new talent, demonstrate support and ambassadorship to Harmony. There is something about having scholars championing Harmony, wearing Harmony gear, understanding Harmony’s technology, hacking on Harmony’s chain and love the TGI culture. Multiple that by 10 or 20 times. When others see and hear about “Blu3 or Harmony” repeatedly - this is an impact that is hard to measure, but at the same time, hard to ignore. What makes Harmony special is its culture. When people meet you and the core team, they LOVE you. And Blu3 was born and cut from this cloth as well. There are many competing chains out there, with more well known name and better pay. So, what will make these builders choose Harmony over others? It is in these in-person events, intimate settings and getting to know the team that breeds loyalty. Because Harmony team is not big, suggest for Harmony to have strong partnerships with others (Ambassador DAO, Blu3 DAO, etc.) who can drive this forward. Due to the size of the core team, it is difficult to host own events. Sponsorships are good - but sponsorship alone is not enough. Need to couple with effective social media presence and/ or scholarship program to create the intended effect and results.