Team (5 strong yes to hire for permanent)
Bounties (0 yes for 1-time engagement)
Contributors (2 yes for 1-month renewals, 20-hour per week)
DAO (5-of-9 governors for 3-month elections)
Fellows (3 yes for 3-month renewals, full-time)
On tight core groups vs fluid contributions, how to split among the employment structures?
I think we need a few more core hires to be the face of larger initiatives to the community, manage big picture ideas, and oversee the growing list of contributors and fellows. We cannot scale those without having enough core people to manage them and provide them with the direction necessary to make their biggest impact. I want our Fellows team to scale fastest, but we can’t simply hire a ton of fellows and then fail to manage them well. I also think we need to promote our best contributors to fellows, and our best fellows to core, then look for external hires. We can also remove the renewals process for those contributors/fellows who have completed 2 election periods and continue to have 3 strong YESs from the core team, reducing anxiety around job security