Team (5 strong yes to hire for permanent)
Bounties (0 yes for 1-time engagement)
Contributors (2 yes for 1-month renewals, 20-hour per week)
DAO (5-of-9 governors for 3-month elections)
Fellows (3 yes for 3-month renewals, full-time)
On tight core groups vs fluid contributions, how to split among the employment structures?
Normally I write my own vote, but I think Leo’s sentiment captures what I want to say. I actually love the Fellows category. They are working and being compensated near the core team level but it is flexible on BOTH sides so that they can do their “tour of duty” with Harmony and keep building their careers in Web3 when they’ve done their mission here. Or they can always move into the core team if there’s alignment with all core initiatives. It’s just a great place to start and stay for most people.