Team (5 strong yes to hire for permanent)
Bounties (0 yes for 1-time engagement)
Contributors (2 yes for 1-month renewals, 20-hour per week)
DAO (5-of-9 governors for 3-month elections)
Fellows (3 yes for 3-month renewals, full-time)
On tight core groups vs fluid contributions, how to split among the employment structures?
I agree with Giv in that there is not a major difference between “team” and “fellow”. It would be beneficial to our employment structure to utilize and give more autonomy to the fellows, as well as give them fair compensation packages for long-term sustainability. And again, I do not think it wise to continue creating internal “DAOs”. It is hindering our growth and our ability to scale effectively. I also feel the process of “renewals” should be addressed, creating a more effective path for growth and productivity.