Team (5 strong yes to hire for permanent)
Bounties (0 yes for 1-time engagement)
Contributors (2 yes for 1-month renewals, 20-hour per week)
DAO (5-of-9 governors for 3-month elections)
Fellows (3 yes for 3-month renewals, full-time)
On tight core groups vs fluid contributions, how to split among the employment structures?
Establish a hiring process and stick to it. Add more members to the team and establish structure. Note that structure does not equal strict hierarchy. I don’t believe we should be on boarding or joining DAOs at this time - DAOs should only be implemented or created when it provides more benefit than without, and I cannot think of a reason it would be needed, especially not at this time. Let’s continue on boarding contributors who are looking to provide some hours of their time; this has served as a great method for getting assistance needed for small projects. Bottom line, we need more people on the team in order to stay relevant in this space.