1 Executive (3 day to approve)
1-Lead-3-Engineer Guild (1 week)
10% Community Votes (4 weeks)
3 Senior Team (5 days)
5-of-9 DAO Governors (2 weeks)
To move fast while reaching consensus, who should approve for a $1M proposal?
It never is an one person decision in any case. We almost always have at least 5+ strong yes on any major decisions and even some minor ones just so we can hear everyone’s perspectives. Even more important than how many people make the decisions, I think most of the core team should hear about the decisions. For example, I am okay with any 3 core team on our team making a $1M because I trust them, but before that I would like a heads up and to provide some input or guidance. And I’m always okay not being one of the voters if it’s about something that I am not a domain expert in such as tech or culture. So I think my vote is really for “3 senior team make the final decision + 10 core team give input and know about it beforehand”