10K Traders
100K Investors
100M Gen Z
10M Creators
1B Underbanked
1M Developers
Among the addressable markets and their differing sizes, who should we be serving?
Harmony is first and foremost a blockchain before anything else. It is critical to have strong development to improve on-chain infrastructure. If the fundamentals are not working well or are constantly problematic, it does not matter how many great creators we have or users we have on-boarded, they will look for solution elsewhere once they get the hang of Web 3. Next comes Gen Z users - who are the fastest at adopting blockchain. They bring the users - but Harmony needs to invest on mass training and education. And lastly, (not far off), focus on influential creators. Key is ‘”influential”. We need creators who are already established and have their community. So, by on-boarding selected few key influencers/ creators, you will bring along their crowd as well.