Blu3: social change & revenue model

We should think of Blu3 as a service provider to Harmony. By partnering with Blu3, you can now hit the same goals PLUS:

  1. Championing radical social change by empowering women through Blu3 DAO and getting them PAID well. (radical social change not just a slogan, but through actions. Great PR campaign!)
  2. Blu3 DAO is able to be revenue generating and proof that DAOs CAN be profitable.
  3. Harmony gets to partner with key talent who are able to execute well especially in the following areas: Event management, user acquisition/ training and on-boarding, scholarship program, ambassadorship, DAO incubation projects, women led projects for accelerators, etc.
  4. When Harmony does not need this service anymore - we can end the services agreement easily (without termination of employees if hired through Harmony core team, etc.)

For Q2, we'll be focused on setting up our infrastructure so that we can 10x. We have already proven ourselves in the last few months that we are able to execute, attract and win. While we have experienced incredible growth, it is time to set up our core ops now to lay the necessary foundation to 10x. Otherwise, it will come back to bite us.

Q2 - Setting up our foundation includes:

1) Recruiting the RIGHT talent (co-leads) to lead the various efforts/family DAOs.

2) Finalizing our tokenomics and splitting between economic interest and governance abilities. Carefully aligning interest and incentives.

3) Setting up our onboarding process, including membership through our tokens.

4) Discuss legal structure and setup DAO employment

5) Build out our accounting, finance and treasury management function

6) Refine business model toward self sustainability

Strategic Initiatives:

These are what we call Strategic Initiatives to support our mission and goal of 1k DAO alliance (Blu3 Alliance) and 1k social tokens, as well as our 100 Blu3 Accelerator projects. They will likely progress pass Q2.

(1) Omnisig - multisig for DAOs

(2) Blu3 social token minting platform

(3) Blu3 DAO verse (learn-to-earn onboarding in metaverse)

(4) Daora (project management cross-DAO with social token payments)

We have identified the above as strategic priorities and are in negotiations to bring them to life in the Harmony ecosystem โ€” including follow-throughs on our 14 baby DAOs from Rio.

Operationalize the following Blu3 Family (Q2 setup for rest of the year)

(1) Scholarship DAO - Get agreement and consensus with Harmony. Execute for the remaining of the year.

(2) DAO and Social Tokens Incubator - establishing a program or cohorts to train and incubate DAOs and social tokens.

(3) Blu3 Accelerator Program - set the foundation for a Blu3 Accelerator program where we will fund women-led projects in exchange for a certain equity % back to the Blu3 ecosystem.

So yes, in summary - building out our infrastructure is key in Q2 and having the right people and incentive structure in place. This will lay the necessary foundation to long-lasting success in Blu3. Strategic initiatives have been identified and we will look forward to implementing them throughout the year.