Dave Cassidy (Next Hollywood Founder): Decentralizing Netflix

Good day everyone,

There is untapped potential in every fan of TV, film, animation, and games. Next Hollywood is a platform that empowers filmmakers and creators with collectibles to distribute intellectual property ownership and finance production.


It took Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the Squid Games, more than a decade to see his script come to life and take the world by storm via Netflix. In the my world, it would happen in under a year. From script approval, to funding, to production —  it certainly shouldn’t take a decade.

So, what’s next Hollywood?


With collectibles, fans become an owner with lifetime value in a unique collectible that grants direct access to both the project and its creators.

For creators, they maintain ownership of their IP (film, TV show, animation property, game), can create consumer products or license their IP and maintain creative control.


Imagine a studio as a pure financier: providing the capital to make the filmmaker’s ideas become reality without the top-down mandates and frustrating creative meddling, but right now they don’t get to keep their IP.

Web3 answers so many problems but the current user experience is complex and cumbersome.

The gate keepers of Hollywood create a centralized industry where creators struggle to find financing for their projects and, many times, sacrifice creativity to do so. When they finally strike a deal, the IP is no longer their own—so, is it even worth it?

There is very little transparency for streamers when it comes to their profits or viewership data. Trust should not be implicit it should verifiable and required.


First, the platform: We equip creators and filmmakers with smart contracts and distributions via unique collectibles that allow any fan to help them finance their film or TV project. Second, the Hollywood DAO (decentralized autonomous organization): the treasury finances projects on the platform where token holders vote on proposals from creators.

It’s the perfect revenue loop. Get paid to be entertained instead of paying for subscriptions or tickets to be entertained. The platform, smart contracts, and tokenization within the DAO give way to secondary market revenue and quick, easy smart distributions of royalties and wages.


I’ve had the privilege of putting together an incredible team of investors with decades of experience in the TV, film, and animation industries as well as true expertise in emerging blockchain technologies.

Jeremy Latcham has been Executive Producer on Marvel films grossing $5B+ including AVENGERS and SPIDER-MAN

Nasjaq has amassed quite the following on social platforms like YouTube and Tiktok and has emerged as an expert on deep tech crypto and blockchain. Michael Fisk is a studio executive with a history at Sony Pictures, WB, Lionsgate, and MGM. David H Steinberg is a writer of American Pie 2, a showrunner, and executive producer for a Netflix series.

That leaves me, DC Cassidy. I own an Animation Production Company and have been rubbing shoulders in Hollywood for the better part of my adulthood.

Thanks for your time!

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