2022Q4: Uniform Scaling, Social Wallets & Fair Prices

2022Q4: Uniform Scaling, Social Wallets & Fair Prices

This talk during San Francisco Blockchain Week covers Harmony on 1. uniform scaling at 500 tx/sec per shard, 2. social wallets with One-Time-Password (OTP), and 3. economics games & fair prices for NFT markets.

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  1. Uniform Scaling at 500 tx/sec per Shard
  2. Social Wallets with One-Time-Password (OTP)
  3. Economics Games & Fair Prices for NFT Markets

1. Uniform Scaling at 500 tx/sec per Shard

Sharding in 2019 + Staking in 2020

  • 4 shards, 250 nodes each – uniformly dividing network and states
  • 2-second transaction finality, 60% liveness slashing
  • $1.48B stakes, 162 validator pools, 25.3K onchain delegators

Aave/Sushi/Curve in 2021

  • $1.41B total value locked, 371K monthly active, 656K total wallets
  • Partners: Frax, Tranquil, Stably, Layer Zero, Graph, Covalent
  • 120 active dapps (DeFi & games), 75 DAO governors (Gnosis)

DeFi Kingdom & zkDAO in 2022

  • Cross-chain yield farm game, $1.02B assets, 800M requests per day
  • 1000 ZK scholars, Dark Forest (strategy game), fair airdrop lottery
  • Light client with Merkle mountain ranges for onchain bridge

Uniform Scaling in 2023

  • New whitepaper: 1-block composable cross-shard transactions
  • Sharding vs. modular (app chains), rollups (layer 2), ZKProofs
  • Learn more? 10 Sharding Fellows, every Thur 12-4pm in Palo Alto

🔢Harmony 2023: Uniform Scaling & Onchain Security

2. Social Wallets with One-Time-Password

Onchain Security with Google Authenticator

  • No worries of hardware devices, seed phrases, random passwords
  • No worries of thefts, cracks, loss, censorship, coercions
  • No third parties, government documents, backup servers

Protocol Features & Toolings

  • Compose multiple authentications to boost security thresholds
  • Account abstractions to avoid central custodians or fee forwarders
  • Program operations to use oracles of time, locations and events

Bring Research to Production

  • Zindros's “Hours of Horus: Keyless Cryptocurrency Wallets”
  • Homoliak’s “SmartOTPs: Air-Gapped Authentication for Smart Wallets”
  • Download from 1wallet.xyz for iOS or use 1wallet.crazy.one on web

💰Social Wallets with One-Time-Passwords

3. Economics Games & Fair Prices

Economic Games for 100K Users

  • Nonfungible tokens: land assets, domain names, social ranks
  • Harmony owns .country Internet Top-Level Domains (TLD)
  • “3-Body Fairnesss Problem” of owner, renter, stakers

Fair Price, Tax & Rent on Nonfungible

  • Radical markets: self-assessed tax & quadratic stakes
  • Vitalik Buterin’s “demand-based recurring fees” on ENS
  • Lars Doucet’s “Land is a Big Deal” book on location tax

Sustainable Marketplace & Launchpad

  • Concepts NFT: location (latitude & longtitude), time slots, profile follows
  • Fair airdrops & social chats for creator-fan economy
  • Forkable (open deploy) marketplace with deep analytics

📿FAIR: “3-Body Problem” of Price & Rent on Nonfungible

4. Stephen Tse @ Harmony

Why poverty accompanies economic and technological progress? Why economies exhibit a tendency toward cyclical boom and bust? Let’s use history and deductive logic to argue for a radical solution – focusing on the capture of economic rent from natural resource and land titles. Henry George’s Progress and Poverty

5. Further Reading

🌇Harmony Overview: Uniform Scaling, Web3 Apps, NFT Marketplace

🛫Web3 Apps = Decentralized + Financialized + Nonfungible + Social + Cryptographic