Paola Veglio

Marketing [Brand & Creative / Growth / Product Mktg]
Zi Wang
February 14, 2022
End Date

Weekly Highlights Recap: doc here

Direct Team Monthly OKRs: doc here

Personal Monthly OKRs and Deliverables

May 2022 Deliverables - 0 / 0 / 0%

  • Acquisition: accelerate growth efforts via scaling up paid adv tests, activating 1+ test partner, doubling down on social efforts (launch TkTk / IG + content plan for TW/DI), kicking off the ambassadors program and progressing on SEO foundations (learning center)
    • Top-level KPI: 5000 WLs or 2500 MAUs (pending App Store unlisted approval)
  • Engagement: increase in-app frequency+level of user activity through revamp of the onboarding experience (Microsite + Unlisted + Warm Welcome), Discover Tab content (Spotlight/Editorial), in-app / CRM campaigns and live Customer Support
    • Top-level KPI: 1000 WAUs // +XX% eng rate [shared OKR with Product/Eng team]
  • Team: boost team efficiency by redesigning R&Rs in a funnel-first, metric-driven org [acquisition VS retention] and source/recruit interns for open roles
    • Top-level KPI: xxx (qual metric TBD)

April 2022 - 90 % / 100% / 80%

  • Completed outreach and white-glove onboarding of all cohorts of iOS waitlisted users and activated ongoing feedback loop via private discord/in-app channel, 1:1 user interviews and PMF survey (key metrics: 900 emails sent, 58% Open Rate, 10% Conversion Rate)
  • Initiated CRM efforts to keep waitlisters engaged and establish 1W as a GenZ normie-friendly brand via weekly newsletter (key metrics: 2500+ subscribers, 35<>65%OR, 1% Unsub Rate)
  • Developed foundations for key funnel and in-app analytics designed to provide us with both qual/quant user insights as well as baseline+ongoing tracking of PMF efforts
  • Other: made inroads on ambassadors program rollout and co-marketing cross-promos (incl. music label partners, gaming community, harmony ecosystem) - both tests rolling out in May

March 2022 - 90% / 100% / 100%

February 2022 [half month]

  • Completed IRL onboarding on project/vision and scope of role w/ Zi, Hochung and individual direct team members (Estie, Michelle, Claire, Erin + screened/hired Hannah)
  • Got the GTM foundations in place by designing team prios & ops around existing skills + setting up leadership daily stand ups to regularly align on prios / red flags and blockers


Italian by blood and NewYorker by soul, Paola is a Marketing Exec who has been working at the intersection of technology & culture on a global scale for 15+ years. After starting her career with a number of internships in the entertainment space (DreamWorks, Warner Music, SXSW), she joined Google as one of the earliest marketers in the company. Here she helped launch and scale, over the course of a decade (2006-2017), some of today’s biggest consumer tech products (Chrome, Android, Maps and Play) from inception up to 1B+ user, driving brand strategy/comms and growth marketing activations internationally — from producing Google’s Super Bowl Ads to running immersive digital experiences in Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing. As first and lead marketer on Google’s own entertainment platform, she also spearheaded for the company multiple creative tech collaborations with cult names in music, cinema, sports and fashion - from the Chemical Brothers, Christopher Nolan and Queen, all the way out to D&G, RollingStone Magazine, FIFA and the Olympics, among others. Ever since jumping over to Startup Land a few years back, and after spending a year traveling around the globe while studying up on neuroscience, languages and coaching, Paola has split her time between holding exec marketing roles in tech scale-ups, coaching/mentoring startup founders and young tech recruits, and advising+collaborating with innovative and mission-driven companies in hot consumer spaces spanning from BIPOC beauty (EADEM) to the Web3 world (Harmony / Timeless). A lover of music, travel and food, in her spare time she can usually be found either obsessively attempting to recreate one of her grandma’s magic food recipes (to no avail), or dancing at some unknown music festival in a remote corner of the world. One of the two.