Metaverse Tools

- metaverse tools, webxr prototypes, emotive experience

Offsite 1x Yes proposal (not approved)

Jackie: Metaverse Tools: Wix-like UX for enabling NFT collectors and creators to set up web-based 3D meetup spaces pre-built with customizable environments and popular web3 utilities (e.g., ids, membership NFT minting, NFT collection, token-gated access and privacy control). Metaverse is a growing area with NFT community’s full attention. 50% of the OpenSea Top 20 NFT holders will be early 3D metaverse residents (i.e., Yuga Lab’s The Otherside treasure hunt game and Nike RTFKT OnCyber’s creator galleries and events).

[not approved] 6-week: $160k, Jackie, 2 eng + 1 biz, help 10 creators to launch their metaverse meetups for 1k users; Approved by ___, ___, ___

Why web3 metaverse?

  • Ideally, metaverse provides memorable social experiences powered by web3. It’s another form of communal social experience with virtual presence (with avatar agency). Zoom and other video conferencing tools provide faces-on-the-wall presence that is effective and formal. Twitter, Discord, and other text-based community tools provide asynchronous communication that is scalable, but lacks human touch.
  • Metaverse without web3 would be similar to Meta, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox where metaverse economy is centralized and controlled by the service providers.
  • Wallet integration should be at the core of metaverse. Web3 utilities (i.e., ENS, NFTs) enable users to build up their identities based on ownership of virtual goods.

Why now in Harmony? Why this proposal?

  • Building Harmony’s metaverse (prototype) based on Harmony’s IRL community culture seems a reasonable path. From what I witness and learn about Harmony over the past few months (IRL), Harmony is an unique community builder. Recently, there is a growing gap between IRL and online community building. It surprises me how the online communities (i.e., Reddit, Discord, Twitter) perceive what Harmony team is working on (mostly due to lack of context and lack of in-person connection).
  • Virtual presence in metaverse is not IRL presence nor Zoom presence. It does provide the perception of being in the same place and talking within the in-person distance.

Product Roadmap

  • [This proposal] Democratizing metaverse starts from helping creators to launch metaverse experiences that have built-in commerce and web3 utilities.
    • For typical creators, we focus on NFT drops meetups and experiences.
  • [This proposal] We will provide custom interactive features that help establish emotional connections within creators’ own communities.
    • For game creators, we provide FPS boss fights that drop NFT loots.
  • [This proposal] We aim to further help communities members to launch their own metaverse experiences.
  • [Future works] We will add privacy mode for wallet users to sign-in with ZK and verify NFTs without revealing wallet address.
  • [Future works] When we reach a critical mass for commerce activities, we will start to experiment with our own NFT marketplace in metaverse.
  • [Future works] We will further decentralize our webxr metaverse deployment so that the community can help maintaining the metaverse platform and be rewarded by self-hosting extra servers for horizontal scalability.
  • [Future works] We will run on Harmony Shard 1 (game shard) for extra fast transaction time.

Execution plan

6-week: $160k, 2 eng + 1 biz + 10 creators + 1k users

  • [1 webxr eng x $25k] webxr front-end eng, A-Frame, React, web3 fork of Mozilla Hubs
    • Primary development focuses on optimizing launch event and game controls.
    • Wix-like metaverse room creation UI/UX will create a room contract and set up basic web3 utilities
  • [1 solidity eng x $25k] solidity, JS
    • Metaverse room factory contract will generate room contract when a room is created.
    • Each room contract will be managed by its owner for configuring room access.
    • Room contract handles (burnable) ERC-1155 tokens (e.g., membership or loot items).
    • Room owner can enable migrate to ERC-721 tokens (and burn 1155 tokens).
    • Discord bot for checking Harmony NFTs for giving out roles.
  • [1 biz x $10k] project management and marketing
    • marketing coordination (i.e., find marketing partners)
    • creator relations (i.e., organize events and source/contract assets)
    • Discord manager (i.e., setup discord, token gated channel)
  • [10 creators x $10k] creator partnerships with metaverse asset budgets
    • 2D content creation
    • NFT content creation
    • custom 3D environments
    • custom avatars


  • May 16th
    • source creators, define launch experiences
    • prototype room contract
    • prototype room creation UI
  • May 23rd
    • define/contract out required assets for creators
    • streamline room contract integration
  • May 30th
    • review creator experiences with required assets
    • production iteration
  • June 6th
    • integrate creator assets with required assets
    • production iteration
  • June 13th
    • test-launch in small groups
  • June 20th
    • launch in Harmony forum/Twitter/Discord

Brian’s comments:

“This proposal looks really interesting, and my feedback is the same as what I wrote on the 10x document. Restated it's about starting with 1) a specific house-on-fire urgent product need, a pain point, felt by a specific market segment, 2) how there are no solutions out there and why yours is needed, and 3) why yours is urgent, better, and feasible. Your proposal talks about features and the transition to web3 metaverse but needs to lean hard into the 3 points I mentioned. So, I'd say, make it clearer, and I can provide the counterpoint (which I was assigned to do) at the offsite: otherwise, this would be my counterpoint. <3”

Jackie’s comments on Rove: “Wallet integration needs to be native so that we can build up web3 community with other web3 utilities like ENS, NFT minting, voting, and access control. There should also be a privacy mode so that users can freely join without revealing their IDs and wallets. Rove’s account system is based on emails and their wallet integration is optional for pulling NFT images.”

Sam’s comments: Do not chase the metaverse trend. Instead, focus on core market and calculate potential growth.

Metaverse Tools for web3 game players (casual gamers, creators, and collectors) to launch a 3D multiplayer mini-game room with its own tokens in a few clicks.

Game rooms are web-based 3D multiplayer spaces with built-in tokenomics, NFT auction house, and mini-game mechanics like FPS, scavenger hunts, riddle-solving, and boss fights. Players bring their NFT inventories across different game rooms. A game room can be created quickly with default settings that can be customized later. We start with a web-based platform and plan to further develop this metaverse gamefi protocol to incorporate other game engines.


  • DeFi, NFT, and DAO are the driving forces of web3. What does the future looks like in 2026?
  • GameFi is getting attention because of Yuga Labs’ OtherSide and a16z’s Game Fund One.
  • Yuga Labs and Nike RTFKT’s metaverse-related NFTs are dominating OpenSea (50% of the top 20 in transaction volume; OpenSea is top1 Ethereum gas guzzler that shows major web3 activities occurring in NFTs). Blue chip NFT holders are the first batch of metaverse users and are ideal target users because they are early adopters of NFTs and metaverse.
  • Commerce and experiences typically occur in different places. They seem to converge inside metaverse. In the next few months, there will be NFT marketplaces within the metaverse experiences (e.g., Otherside, OnCyber, NFTWorlds).
  • Custom metaverse experience is possible in Decentraland, but it requires owning lands for customization or renting spaces from landowners. Avatar customization and custom wearables require a long approval process.
  • Having a wix-like simple starting point is important for users to extrapolate and imagine what they can do. It is not easy for typical creators to provide such web3 commerce-integrated metaverse experiences.
  • I have been organizing tg-metaverse weekly showcase. Some events are using the current metaverse prototype. This project can be achieved in short term and is not starting from scratch.