Skyler Abilla

Skyler Abilla

February 28, 2022

Bio: Huge Harmonaut. Started Harmonize as a way to be more involved in the Harmony Ecosystem and to give back in a way due to all the support I have received after my cancer diagnosis. I hope to make this podcast huge and I want to help new people as well as people that have been in this space for awhile. I am always learning and always improving. Very grateful to Li Jiang for being my mentor and to Harmony for this opportunity.


  1. 5 Episodes of Harmonize released
  2. Grow and scale Harmonize Twitter Account to 550 followers
  3. Have 10 episodes.


February 28th
I finished the name of the podcast as well as the first logo. I worked alongside someone to finish the headers and the twitter & youtube profile picture. I worked on the first trailer of the podcast and had it edited.
March 1
Worked to get the trailer published on amazon music, spotify, and podcasts. I had the second podcast episode edited and is now scheduled to be published on March 7th. I had the 3rd podcast episode with Gabby Dizon cofounder of YGG and I am in the process of editing it and having it scheduled to be published on March 14th. I also am working on a list of people that I want to interview. I am also planning how to post on twitter to get it ready so the podcast can start to grow a following. I am also in the process of uploading the video versions to youtube.
March 7
Listed the podcast on podcast addict, podchaser, pocket casts, deezer, listen notes, player fm, and pocket index. Scheduled another podcast episode for with Build Bridge DAO. Worked on making the twitter page look better. Listened to some professional podcasts to learn how to be better. Evaluated how I can improve.
March 8
Sent the podcast episode with Gabby to get edited, curated a list of potential interviews, brainstormed new ideas to be creative with the podcast.
March 9
Scheduled a podcast episode with Tranquil Finance and Defira. Studied Tranquil Finance and did my due diligence so I can be ready for the episode. Worked on twitter, the spreadsheet, and I am excited to continue to work on this and make it really good. The podcast with Tranquil Finance should be published on March 21.
March 10
Studied Tranquil Finance more, studied Build Bridge DAO. Had the podcast interview with 0xKrillin from Tranquil Finance. Getting it edited now. Harmonize passed 100 downloads and is currently at 80 twitter followers. Reached out to more people to start scheduling more interviews.
March 14
Prepared for my cryptodad interview, had the cryptodad interview, messaged people on twitter and telegram to find more people to interview.
March 15
Scanned twitter and communicated with Cosmic Guild, MarsColony, and Defi Kingdoms to schedule future episodes.
March 16
Sent Cryptodads as well as Bridge Builders DAO episodes to be edited. Worked on the twitter as well as communicated with different future interviews. Studied for my interview with Evoverses.
March 17
Finished preparing for my interview with Evoverses. Had the interview, getting it edited now.
March 18
Messaged and networked with potential interviews. I currently have 3 episodes being edited. Once they are done they will be ready to be scheduled to publish. Proud of the achievements. In just 3 weeks we have passed 225 downloads, have 13 5 star reviews and are on our way to being a big podcast. I need people with big followings to continue to intro me to big projects and people though because it is hard getting in touch with people if I do not know them sometimes.
March 21
Published the new episode. Spent a lot of time engaging with people on twitter. Follower count is almost to 200 and today there were 283 downloads so now the podcast has over 500 downloads now. It is awesome to see harmonize getting some traction. I am also getting better at interviewing and so I think that definitely helps. I need to continue to get good guests though so I can continue to grow it. Started a $50 giveaway on twitter to get more traction.
March 22
Studied for my call with Franklin with 41 bored apes. Had the call, sent it to get edited. Worked on making the twitter better. Harmonize passed 900 downloads and is killing it. Almost at 300 followers on twitter as well. Thinking about other ways to get more downloads. I might do ads in the near future, not sure yet.
March 23
The twitter giveaway ended. Prepared for my call with Brother from Marscolony. Had the call and sent it to get edited.
March 24
Worked on the brainstorm list. I need to continue to get more quality interviews done. I just need as much publicity as I can get. Harmony has almost 400,000 followers. I just need like 10,000 of them to subscribe to harmonize. That would be huge for the community. It would help the community be a lot more close knit.
March 28th
Worked on the twitter mainly. We passed 300 followers!
March 29th
Worked on the twitter, reached out and scheduled a bunch more interviews. Scheduled some more to be published. I have 6 scheduled to do so far for this week and next. Things are looking good.
March 30th
Prepared for the Hermes Defi call tomorrow as well as the DAO call with Sam Harrison. Wrote the layout and came up with good questions for each call.
March 31st
Prepared and had the calls with Hermes Defi as well as with Sam and Mikey. Sent them to be edited and worked on some other ideas.
April 1st
Had the new call with Franklin and sent it to be edited. Got a few more calls in the pipeline as well.
April 4th
Worked on the twitter and marketed the episode with MarsColony
April 5th
Marketed the episode with MarsColony as well as started 2 different campaigns to get harmonize out to a bigger set of people and a larger audience. Hoping to see how it does.
April 6th
Had a call with HERDAO, sent it to be edited. Got some episodes back and did the descriptions as well as put them in the queue to be published. Harmonize is almost at 2,000 downloads and we have 38 5 star reviews on apple podcasts. Almost at 400 followers on twitter.
April 7th
Put more episodes in the queue and I am working with someone to help get harmonize more subscribers. We are doing a really good job so far though.
April 11th
Worked on and. published the DAO episode. Worked on the twitter as well as the website. Came up with new ideas to get harmonize more popular.
April 12th
Released the Bonus episode with Nick Vasilich and his escape from Ukraine. That was one of the best episodes for sure. Scheduled some more calls and did some research.
April 13th
Worked on the twitter and networked with some people I can interview later down the road.
April 14th
I had to go to the hospital for an appointment so I had to cancel some calls. I am rescheduling them right now. I worked on the twitter and the list of people I can interview. Harmonize is at almost 3,000 downloads which is really good for how new it is.
April 15th
Finished the week doing some twitter prospecting, planning, and engaging. The twitter has 427 followers so we are steadily growing. Hopefully. by the end of the year we can be at 2 or 3 thousand. I have interviews scheduled all the way up to May 9th. I am ahead of schedule but I am also doing more interviews to continue to roll out episodes.
April 18th
Was in Hospital with a fever
April 19th
Got out of hospital and worked on getting more downloads. Worked on the twitter. We are almost at 500 followers. Currently we are at 442.
April 20th
Tweaked up some of the podcast. Started preparing for the interviews I have next week. Worked on the website and it is looking really nice. I bought the domain from GoDaddy and the website looks like it is bringing in more reviews also.
April 21st
I have 4 interviews scheduled for next week. I am also writing a script because I am coming up with a new intro for the podcast that I am going to work on and have released next week. Prepared more for the calls I have scheduled.
April 22
I still have a list of people but some of them don’t answer and I think just having someone intro me would help a lot. I have a microsoft list that has some people. Harmonize hit 168 reviews. Pretty good so far. I am going to do another giveaway I think to hit 500 followers. Prepared more for the calls. Next week I will release the Hermes Defi call as well as my new intro episode so that will be 6 episodes for the month.
April 25
April 26
Studied for a all with Jack Chan as well as Luca Netz
April 27
Worked on the branding of Harmonize. Still not at 500 followers yet. I have a decent amount of episodes scheduled out ahead of time. I am trying to stay ahead because I don’t know when my health will fail me. I had to reschedule some calls as well as prepare for some. I had the call with Luca Netz and so that went well. Luca is the CEO of Pudgy Penguins.
April 28
Had to reschedule call with Jack, Edited and scheduled to be published episode with Luca. Did description as well as added all links and information in the podcast. Studied for my call with Cosmic Universe.
April 29
Studied for and had my call with Cosmic Universe. Sent it to be edited. I am trying to think of more people I could get on the podcast. I am going to reach out to Luca to try and get some more people. I also need to do episodes with Philippines DAO, AFRICA DAO, and some other DAO’S. It is hard to schedule sometimes because of the time difference. I am working on this as well as some other ideas I have.
May 2nd
Was at the hospital most the day. Did some work on twitter as well as scheduled a few more interviews.
May 3rd
Started a $60 giveaway of ONE to someone. I think it will help grow the community and help with the follower count as well. I did some work on twitter and I am talking to Fox from DFK right now. I am hoping to interview him next friday. We have come a long way but I would love more support. I know the Harmony team is only allowed to promote some episodes and I get that, but maybe there is something else that could help us get more subscribers. Right now Harmony has like 400,000 followers on twitter. If I had just 10,000 subscribers on the podcast, that would be amazing. That would really bring the project closer together and I think more people would look to the podcast as a way to get good information. I am not sure how I am going to go about doing this. I will stay consistent but maybe I will see if I can get some people to help with SEO. Not sure yet. I really want to grow this podcast though as much as I can.
May 4th
Worked on Cosmic Universe and Luca Netz’s interviews. Did descriptions as well as planned them to be edited. Excited for these ones to come out. I need to schedule more and more calls for this month. Hoping to get that going this week.
May 5th
Scheduled a call with Fox from DFK, and I am working with Sandeep from Polygon to interview him as well. I scheduled a new interview with Amber Vittoria, she is a nft artist. Should be a good interview. I am hoping to continue to get good guests. I scheduled a new one with zi wang from 1wallet. I am now starting to prepare for these interviews with good preparation. Preparation for call with Jack for tomorrow.
May 9th
Worked on the rebranding. Prepared for my call with XYZZY. Got a few more calls scheduled. Pushed twitter and now twitter following is above 550. The original goal was 550 for May and we are already above that.
May 10th
Worked on the rebranding. I have the logos but I am waiting for the new intro and outro and still finalizing everything. I also released 2 episodes this week. A new intro that goes over my story better and then the episode with H.E.R. DAO. So we are at 11 episodes now. Not too bad for a new podcast. Also we are getting more downloads everytime.
May 11th
Worked on the new rebranding and the logos. I am hoping to maybe be done by next week. I prepared for my call with Fox from DFK as well as Zi from 1 wallet.
May 12th
Prepared for my calls more.
May 13th
Had 3 calls and sent them to all get edited. One call with Fox from Defi Kingdoms, one call with XYZZY, and then one call with Zi from 1wallet.
May 16
Worked on rebranding and the designs. The episode with Luca from Pudgy Penguins came out. I worked on the new intro and outro as well.
May 17
Worked on the twitter and youtube headers and logos. I have everything ready for the new rebranding except for the website. I need to get a new domain.
May 18
The episodes are being edited and should get back to me soon. I started marketing for the episode with cosmic universe. I was introduced to some more people that I am planning on interviewing.
May 19
The twitter has surpassed the goal for may already. I am focusing on getting more and more guests. I am talking to Rocket Monsters Universe as well as Evoverses to get interviews with them.
May 20
Worked more on the twitter and getting people ready to listen to the episode with Cosmic Universe. I hope to rebrand soon so I am doing what I need to do to be ready for that.
May 23
Worked on the twitter account as well as the rebranding. Got the episodes edited and scheduled to publish.
May 24
Finished working on a project and now I am focused on scaling the downloads per episode.
May 25
Had my call with DappRadar and it went really well. I am getting the episode edited and we are looking good right now. We have a lot of episodes in the queue.
May 26
Worked on episode descriptions as well as some technical things for the website. I am working on getting in touch with some new people to interview as well.
May 27
Finished the week off with some more podcast things. I am doing some editing and working on scheduling the rest of the episodes. I am booked out until mid June but need to continue to keep up the interviews.
May 30
Finished rebranding and released the new set. Worked on the episode with the XYZZY team and that episode comes out next monday.
May 31
Worked on the podcast descriptions and SEO for the episodes with DefiKingdoms and DappRadar.
June 1
Worked on the podcast description for the episode with Zi. Updated the twitter account and created an instagram account as well.
June 2
Made a plan and list for finding more people to interview as well as updated the podcast page.
June 3
Started marketing more for the upcoming episode with XYZZY with a soundbite clip. That episode is 100% ready to be released.