What it’s like to join a DAO on Harmony

What it’s like to join a DAO on Harmony

by Harmonious Dude [Community DAO signatory for 7.5 months]


quotations are direct quotes, [] and no quotations is paraphrase.

Discussion Points for the DAO Ops Team

  • “. . .being [a DAO signatory] is SO much more political in nature than I had bargained for. . .”
  • A “core” DAO doesn’t have enough coordination with the “core” Harmony team
  • Transparency welcomes community members to watch the work being done, or lack thereof, more closely. This can lead to “people jumping to conclusions without having all of the information and occasionally leading to somewhat unfair criticisms.”
  • “I take great offense, as do many others in my position, when I hear or am told that being a governor is only to sign transactions and not to do work.”
  • Governors have been unable to see their term through by means of negligence, family commitments, other work.
  • “I’ve developed friendships, learned new skills, overcome personal fears, been a part of some amazing teams, and achieved an elevated belief in my abilities. I’ve always tried to do right by the DAO and be blunt and honest about my positions.”
  • In crypto, projects and people can be reduced to a single mistake or misunderstanding and torn apart by it. We all need to be more understanding.
  • Gnosis Safe on Harmony is focal point of frustration. Treasury was funded ~.33 cents in January 2022 and slowly declined every week. Sending to one person’s personal wallet was out of the question.
  • DAO’s are to be autonomous, but there can be room for direct collaboration and communication. Especially for “core DAO’s”.