Jorge Barrios

April 1, 2022


Through different roles in tech ecosystems in the US and LatAm, I've helped stakeholders identify, raise awareness and invest in startups in a wide variety of industrial verticals, with a focus on financial innovation. I bring 8 years of experience creating, curating and promoting innovation-related content to diverse audiences (corporates, venture investors, startups, development organizations, media) in different formats and platforms such as long-form research, in-person conferences and virtual events. I’m a multidisciplinary consultant, cat lover, cryptoart curator and writer that believes in the promise of crypto as a tool for human development.

Timesheet 2022 - Jorge Barrios

MonthDateTasksHoursPay (Hours X $75)Status
May 3, 2022
ONEWeekly 4/30 translation to spanish. Covered Sam Harris and Li Jiang’s twitter spaces AMA, latest GameFi developments and a key recent tech hire. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EnSNkqmWyI42tuqkDmroJa5qNn8zCxx8lf0zJau9kzc/edit
May 25, 2022
ONEWeekly 5/7 translation to spanish. Covered Li’s latest write up about Harmony’s goals, latest GameFi developments and MAD NFTs recent updates. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGIxiCVD0LSbLwZD9ItXjAVzWvltpgGaB6sYUKdRc0s/edit
May 24, 2022
Proper onboarding: filled out CSA, got familiar with timesheets on notion and made sure my profile is 100% complete for the HR team to review.
May 30, 2022
ONEWeekly 5/16 translation to spanish. Covered latest GameFi developments, and ANKR update on technical corner. Communicated the upcoming write up regarding the recent company offsite. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_TUw2fBmWLn58eb_HmUTmf7jUNN_L6FKKrQIwzJJgnE/edit
May 30, 2022
ONEWeekly 5/28 translation to spanish. Covered latest GameFi developments and DeFi applications on Harmony. It’s a shorter article. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gDKluLzFrmu-irqXDxjEyR_K6C9AAAYqDr51sF0NWzg/edit

June Deliverables 100%

  • Offboarding.

May Deliverables 100/100/100%

  • Conclude ONEWeekly translations up to the last published entry
  • Proper onboarding
  • ETH Mexico involvement plan: no involvement.

April deliverables 100/100/100%

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment + Personal Story
conversation turn taking
8 - Twitter Spaces has been an amazing experience for me to work on this. After a few months engaging with groups through voice chat rooms, I learned to be concise and wait for my turn while having a group conversation.
disconfirm own beliefs
7 - I have strong opinions loosely held! I do my best to do my own research before engaging in debates when it comes to beliefs, so as to question them beforehand and remain open to change.
self-aware & articulate
8 - I always have many things to say, but prioritizing messages across channels and timing has made me better at articulating my ideas.
share a drink
10 - super open to have a beer and break the ice!
spend 10 hours daily together
6 - I do need my personal space. Not really a lonely person, but I like to recharge energy.
nurture & mentor
9 - I’m a natural people reader. Years ago, a coworker of mine was having a bad time personally. I took the time to talk to her not as a coworker but as a person and shared my views on her situation. People naturally trust me to talk about their personal issues.
make everyone shine
6 - I’ve been told that I’m a little bit egocentric but I work on it by acknowledging other people’s success stories!
people over process
9 - I definitely prefer to keep a good friend for life, rather than a perfect outcome that could be forgotten in weeks or months.
dare to disagree
8 - I’m usually okay with disagreeing in public but I prefer to do so in private, so as to avoid miscommunication.
long-time craftsmanship
7 - I’ve been experimenting with different things in my carreer. I don’t think I’m an expert in a particular topic and sometimes it is a disadvantage. However, I pursue my concept of excellence in whatever I do, and remain open to feedback.
obsess over details
4 - I’m not particularly obsessed with details but I do my best putting together great to do lists!
hungry & foolish
9 - I was once told that “life is learning, also a challenge” and I really felt that. I stopped waiting to be right in everything and just do my best.
share the mission
10 - I think that the world is going through a massive mindset shift, given that our institutions have failed to deliver solutions for a hyperconnected society. I think Harmony’s mission is important and contributes to the evolution of society at large.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
8 - I do consider myself an optimist, in general, but the vision has to be powerful enough to energize the first leap.
your 50-year dream
10 - solarpunk life
consistent with own actions
8 - although I’ve been consistent in my life’s work, I remain open to try new endeavors and embrace new beliefs.
make tough decisions
6 - I’m slow.
admit mistakes
9 - I can admit my mistakes, as long as there’s good communication around such mistakes.
top 1% superstar
9 - I never thought I’d be collaborating in projects that have such impact, coming from what americans call “underrepresented background”. I think that my communications and fast learning skills are my greatest advantages.
effective tooling
8 - As a fast learner, I’m always open to trying new tools, even if it means modifying the processes I control.
relevant to our needs
10 - I think blockchain projects need to do a better job at communicating their value to society at large, not only to drive hype and impact price, but to increase awareness on important use cases of blockchain. I think I can be helpful in the process of defining key messages that could resonate with different audiences.
10x growth
voracious learner
10 - I’m a rabbithole enjoyer. I read between lines and immediately identify/decide if something is relevant to my learning roadmap.
contrarian thinker
10 - in a world full of PFPs, I remain bullish on the value of 1-1 artwork.
accomplish important work
10 - if the mission is powerful enough, it’s easier to feel like the work one puts is having an impact. Roadmaps and effective organization is key, though.
activity < productivity
10 - I think productivity is great, but it’s linear. Creativity, however, can fold time itself.
thrive in chaos
10 - I was born and raised in Latin America, talk to me about chaos.