Hochung Nam

product; project mgmt; ops
Li Jiang
End Date

Upcoming Plans

  • Base code repo open source: April ’22
  • 1Wallet feature milestone 1: May ’22
    • Basic wallet functionalities:
      • 1-click wallet creation
      • Wallet backup and recovery
      • Send/receive/swap (Sushiswap)
      • Chat functionality
    • Wallet Details
    • Transaction history and visualization
    • Multi-wallet support
    • Chat & Payment — Sending tokens is as easy as sending a text
      • Send / Receive using wallet-to-wallet connections
      • No more, “what’s your wallet address, cmd+ c, cmd+v, did you get my transactions.”
    • 1-1 and Group Chat (Easy share via QR)
    • Fiat on-ramp (simplex)
  • Launch Harmony/1Wallet Ambassador Program: June ’22
  • 1Wallet feature milestone 1: June ’22
    • Fiat on-ramp (Transak)
    • Multi-wallet Profile system
      • Organize conversations by wallet addresses instead of a single user-profile
      • Split people, topics, and interests without multiple logins
      • Allows 1Wallet user to name their machine-readable addresses in human-readable format
      • Contact
    • Gift Packet
    • Ability to give token gifts to other wallet addresses (direct vs. group)
    • Gift packet drop - the amount is randomly assigned in each envelope to each recipient’s wallet address
    • Bill Split
    • Going Dutch on-chain (1/n)
    • We.here - location proximity, PIN-code enabled group chat
    • Subscribable channels
    • Social recovery
    • NFT
      • Store NFT collectibles
      • Direct-to-avatar (DTA) - ride the latest business model by releasing digital products direct to screen
        • For generation alpha and generation Z, customization and creation are intricate parts of their gaming experience
        • For them, customization and the play element are part of the same thing: self-expression and exploration