zkPhoto: Private Authentic Photo Sharing

Now launched on Harmony testnet! Try it at https://testnet.zkphoto.one


This proposal aims to be a small stepping stone toward #2 of Brian Gu’s Six ZK Moonshots. The idea is to have an on-chain data marketplace where users can trade private data, for example, “a high-res image that downsamples to a known low-res image”, using ZK. Within the scope of this proposal, the MVP is to implement a dApp that (0) use ZK to prove that the low-res image is downsized from an actual high-res image, (1) mint an NFT that contains the downsized image, *as well as the hash of the original image, (2) implement an in-browser camera for authentic on-chain photo-taking, and *(3) a marketplace providing secured transfer of the underlying full-res image.

*=optional/nice to have

Phase 0: downsizing photo with ZKP

MVP: a verifier contract that takes a private input of the fixed-size high-res image and outputs the low-res image *and the hash of the original image

Input: an image of resolutions 1024x1024 in png format

Output: a downsized image of resolutions 64x64 and the hash of the original image


circuit to downsize a slice of the image and hash the slice private input: a bytes32 array of dimensions (256,256,3) that corresponds to the RGB values of 1/16 of the image of resolutions 1024x1024 outputs: a bytes32 array of length 64 corresponding to the downsized image of resolutions 16x16 bundling every 4 pixels together + a bytes 32 hash method: bilinear interpolation
tests in hardhat to deploy and run the verifier contract
companion javascript to read image files to turn into input format and save output format into an image file


circuits that accept other image sizes

Phase 1: NFT minting

MVP: a smart contract that mints an NFT given the downsized image and *the hash of the high-res image

Requirements of the zkPhoto smart contract

a method to mint a new NFT given a snarkjs proof from phase 0
a method to extract the low res image from the contract URI given an NFT id
a method to verify a local image is the original image of the corresponding NFT
a method to write string as a base 64 tokenURI
hardhat tests
avoid double minting of the same image
reduce gas fee


a stateless version of the same contract

Phase 2: on-chain photo taking

MVP: an in-browser js camera that takes a photo then mints a zkPhoto NFT directly


a frontend to upload an image and (1) mint an NFT or (2) verify that it is the original image of the NFT
a frontend to display the low-res image of a given NFT id
a frontend to compare the image in tokenURI and the data within the contract

Phase 3: secured transfer of private data