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test 1: sam: Initiate 2 to Li, Giv confirmed โ€” tx hash: 0x2524d0df89d9ee14c9a9a239888dbc60b6b4251169254e89f18cb92a6d50d19d, confirmed.

test 2: giv send

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Sam-Devin, investment thesis:

Investment Thesis: Adoption and the NEXT 100 Million.

According to Glassnode, Ethereum Wallet addresses with non-zero balances hit nearly 72M in December of 2021.

So โ€“ what tools, what services, or products will drive the NEXT 100 Million?

Adoption and the Three Paths to 100M:

1) Usability Drives Usage: Web3 MUST move away from niche-centric user interfaces. ANY product or team we invest in must have UI / UX as a primary pillar of their product.

2) Reputation: "On the internet, no one knows you are a dog", "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck... it's a duck" We will find tools that will permit an individual's REPUTATION to be primary in the Web3 universe. Multi-factor Authentication in Web2 was a combination of "Something you have", "Something you know", and "Something you are"... Web3 can supersede that with "Something you've done"

3) Memetic: Memetics describes how an idea can propagate successfully. "Meme" was conceived as a "unit of culture", an idea, belief, pattern of behavior, which is hosted in the minds of one or more individuals and can reproduce and "jump" from the mind of one person to the mind of another.

Based on our analysis and current trends, we believe that funding projects geared towards these three concepts will provide Harmony with the greatest likelihood of return.

๐ŸŒฒ Sam Harrison: DAOs, events, community partners

Sam drives ecosystem growth by nurturing DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) on Harmony. Previously, Sam drove strategic partnerships and product marketing at ThunderCore and was the founding operational director at Tezos Commons Foundation. Prior to crypto, Sam built strategic partnership programs for Nok Nok Labs and a national distribution network for Avira.

Sam holds a BA in Philosophy with an emphasis in ethical systems from the University of Utah, and published his undergraduate research on Immanuel Kant in 2005. He graduated from the Santa Clara University School of Law with a JD specializing in corporate governance and intellectual property protection. After Law School, Sam earned his MBA at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, graduating with an emphasis in Finance and winning the Belottii Prize for his capstone work in on-line distribution of video content. A proud father, avid board game player, and enthusatic reader of all things science-fiction, Sam is also an Eagle Scout.

https://twitter.com/MartyDevin: DAO Tooling, Events, and Community

Devin P. Marty is an author and blockchain advocate dedicated to reinventing the world by virtue of ethical and equitable technologies.

Devin has authored two books on the topic of decentralization, including "The Decision-Making Employee" an Amazon Bestseller that examines decentralized organizations through discussion with industry experts, and demonstrates โ€“ in the age of remote working and increased autonomy โ€“ how employees can not only use their decision-making privilege to succeed professionally but also extract greater purpose and enjoyment from their work.


May 2020 graduate of University of Rochester's Barry Florescue Undergraduate Business Program; Bachelor of Science in Business: Entrepreneurship with a History minor (and concentrated studies in Optics, Mathematics, and Religion & Classics).

May 2021 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology; Associate of Applied Science in Polymer Engineering, Welding, and Design. Magna Cum Laude.