d10: leo-lingjie (giv)

Multisig Safe:




leo: 0x11110Dc238bF88813b7F956205129f9e299426D8

lingjie: 0x63d2ad55fe32384234fbe49c06e5f7e08aa253e6

giv: 0x9241494362e7C4c13062788eF8F1Ce9878fF5Bad

li 1: 0x51B89211F93c2efcf6D5B836a78DBA265e6F5e93 (metamask mobile)


leo sign, lingjie execute
lingjie sign, leo execute
giv sign, leo execute

Investment thesis

Lingjie Kong: web3 infra for anything.

Lingjie Kong is a software developer working at AWS focusing on AI/ML and game engine development. Lingjie is experienced with large scale infrastructure and system design. Lingjie is interested in investing on any web3 infra to help extend, scale web3 development. Besides infra, Lingjie is also interested in web3 games especially onchain game in which game state will be settled on blockchain.