Added another round of edits to HR Playbook including government links under Non-Discrimination and the specific government language requirements for each type, clarified position types as Employee verses 1099 under Position Classifications adding Department of Labor link as required, added Family Medical Leave Act link with digital version link, included Department of Labor link under Human Resource Records as well as Hiring Contract links for domestic and international hires. Organized Contributor and Fellows contractor lists with new tabs separating by Mentor and End Date. Cleaned up Orientation Pages by including headers and sections across each page for ease of read. Scheduled phone call with Opolis for development of benefits for contractors and employees wishing to opt out of W2 benefits. Reorganized order of list on HR Playbook of Employee Benefits for clarity. Answered 4 inquiries on timesheets and contractor pay, explaining the process, timesheet task descriptions, calculations, and setting up Metamask wallet.

April 29, 2022
Other Notes
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