Funding Proposal updates since Sep 2021

Since the launch of Harmony’s Ecosystem Fund in Sep 2021, we have now simplified the program to two simple categories: “Grants” and “Investments”. “Grants” are equity-free with a fair amount of due diligence, while Investments are deeper relationships going through a more rigorous process. The category changes since the Ecosystem Fund’s inception include:

  • “Launch”, “Port” & “Partners”: are all grouped into “Grants”
  • “DAOs”: folds into Governance discussion in Harmony’s forum
  • “Hackathons”: Dora Hacks and Encode are two hackathon partners
  • “Bounties”: Gitcoin will be the main host for bounties
  • “Events”: Event Ops will manage this going forward with with Ambassador DAOs
  • “Income”: Program is superseded by the existing Contributors program

A copy of the Sep 2021 Ecosystem Fund program is available here