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Research on daVinci market; Client: ERC20 grid; Token assets manager; Unified token key compute utility; In-browser IPFS retrieval analysis and benchmark; Client API initialization for token contracts and metadata, and API implementations for metadata retrieval and balance checking for token and NFT contracts; Refactor and modularization of client wallet components; Smart contract support for Override-Track capability; Smart contract optimization for universal deployability (<24K); Smart contract multi-track capability; Client side state management (reducer, saga, actions) for tracking tokens, token balances, and currently selected tokens; Direct support for well known ERC-20 tokens; Infrastructure support for tokens with custom decimal settings; Unifty bn.js dependecy; Multi-network support for token operations and views; Token operation hash and commit hash utilities, and debugging; Auto chaining and auto refresh token balance after commit-reveal flow; Support sending tokens; fix bugs related to reveal token operations; Distinguished UI for sending tokens (re-used from sending ONEs); Various bug fixes; Complete flow demo + verification;