Promotion for Full-Time Team to Scale Departments

“Full-Time” Harmony Employees (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

*By Mikey Benson


If Harmony Protocol is going to scale to 10x then it’s reasonable to assume a committed, passionate, “full-time” team will need to scale as well. It will have to scale in a very focused way. Hiring for the sake of hiring is not what is being proposed. A clear framework for hiring/promoting to ensure lean departments with clear verticals and retention of talent is the crux of this argument.


  • Too many Full-Time employees wearing too many hats
    • information is lost or redundant
  • More hours/More tokens the only current incentive to move from 10 hours → >30 hours


  • Promote/Hire, product-specific, full time employees to help scale departments horizontally and vertically with an emphasis on horizontally.
  • Offering the incentive of benefits for the promoted or hired full-time employees.
  • Clearly defined employment structure for publication.
  • Clearly defined procedures for promoting and hiring future full-time employees.



Currently Harmony team members are wearing several hats. This can be considered a valuable tactic by some and it can be considered unproductive by some. Harmony is being stretched thin and information is being lost internally and misinterpreted externally. Now Harmony is playing catch-up and damage control. Could having more full-time employees working in tight-knit, product-focused groups have obverted this? Absolutely.

If we look at IOHK they’re sitting around 450 recognized employees and the Cardano Foundation has 30 recognized employees on their website. Looking at Polygon’s job board you can get a feel of what to expect when a protocol 10x.

  • 6-Week: 3 fellows to publish procedural framework for hiring/promoting & employment structure, Mikey as lead, + 2 persons, provide a clear employment structure that will amplify productivity and concentrate workload.